Thursday, May 14, 2015

Busy bees!

We are very proud to say that we now have an observation hive at Mount Desert Elementary!  Thanks to the wonderful efforts of one of our garden coordinators, Julie Taylor, we now have an observation hive in our middle school science room, and all the students are welcome to observe.  The bees were set up today, and so far the students are loving it!  They are having a blast just observing the hive, trying to find the queen, and putting their hands up against the glass to feel the vibrations of the worker bees.  There is a small tube that is connected to the window, and the bees will come and go to the hive from the window, entering and exiting the hive through the tube.  There were even many teachers checking out the hive at the end of the day!
Keep checking in to see what the bees are up to!

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