Monday, April 27, 2015

Getting ready

We are excited to be back to school from our April vacation, and we are even more excited to be starting seedlings with all the students. We have designated one variety of seeds to be grown by each grade level, and we will be starting the seedlings next week.  Between now and the first week of June, the students will have the opportunity to observe the seedlings sprouting and growing in their classrooms. We will be planting these seedlings in the garden just before school lets out for the summer.
Here is our plan for the garden this year, and a few samples of the seedlings we will be growing!  

Friday, April 17, 2015

Cold frame success!

Last fall, we created seed tape with a few of the students using spinach seeds, and we planted the tape in our cold frame box.  We knew we were planting later in the fall than normal, but we took a chance to see if we would get any spinach.  Unfortunately, it became very cold quickly and the snow began to fly.  We assumed that the spinach never took because of the cold weather.  Much to our surprise, we checked the cold frame this spring and the spinach had re-seeded itself and we currently have spinach sprouting in the cold frame!

Signs of Spring

As the snow is melting around the school and our days are getting longer and longer, we are starting to see the beginning signs of spring!  With great delight, we have seen our garlic and rhubarb pushing up through the dirt and reaching for the warm spring sunshine.  We will be looking forward to harvesting the rhubarb before the school year is over.  The children will have the opportunity to see the rhubarb incorporated into the cafeteria with their school lunches.