Thursday, October 12, 2017

Early October Flowers and Greenhouse Fun

This is what we do if we go into the greenhouse at MDES School!

Orange reminds me of Halloween, and so does this flower. These are marigolds. (Gianni)

This flower is a cosmos. It reminds me of my favorite color, pink, and I like how it has leaves that stick out from the center. (James)

Inside the flowers is nectar. The butterflies land on the flowers and eat the nectar. They go to another flower and spread pollen. Pollen is what plants use to make more plants. 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

About the pictures
James and Mrs. Minott created a welcome sign for the greenhouse. We tried to make the sign look like the garden, because we put green for the grass, blue for the sky, and other colors for the flowers.
Morning glories are my favorite flower, and I like how they are big and grow up vines. Morning Glories got their names because at night they close up then in the morning they open wide.
A hydrangea is a flowering bush that comes in white. As the flowering bush gets old the blossoms turn pink. Mrs. Minott planted the hydrangea for Mr. Sargent. because he saw one at another nursery and wanted one here at MDES.

This week’s question
This week's question was What is James’s mom's favorite flower?
Jame’s mom's favorite flower is an African violet, but she also likes the bullseye rose. She loves gardening, and it's her favorite thing to do.