Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Oxygen and Late Fall Flowers

Gianni's Blog

Plants give us oxygen. When we talk we give them CO2. Oxygen is made in the leaves of plants. Trees, big plants, small plants, all green plants make oxygen.  

Gianni's Question: How do we share CO2 with plants?

Mrs. Minott;s Answer: CO2 is a waste product we breathe out. Plants absorb CO2 through tiny pores in their leaves.

James' Blog

I love how this morning glory looks, and I love the colors and how it only partially opened this morning. It only partially opened because we have not had too much sun. 

This flower is beautiful. It’s magenta. (Mrs. Minott adds that this is celosia.)

I think the third flower is a petunia, because I had cherry cheesecake petunias that looked similar to them. 

James' Question: What is your favorite fall flower?

Mrs. Minott's Answer: My favorite fall flower is a purple aster.

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